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Combining smooth grooves with powerful lyrics and infectious hooks, 24 year old singer/songwriter Steve Means soulful brew of pop music has earned him a rapidly growing national fanbase. Averaging 100+ college shows a year and racking up over TWO MILLION plays/views on his YouTube page, Means is the definition of a self-sustaining modern artist. His funk-infused acoustic sound has drawn comparisons to everyone from Bruno Mars to Justin Timberlake and he’s recently opened for Top 40 R&B artists T-Pain and Sean Kingston.
Being a triple threat songwriter, musician, and performer, Steve Means has hooks that satisfy even the most discriminating listeners. Look for Steve and his guitar at a school near you!

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07/16/15 7:00pm Pocatello, ID Idaho State University

Steve's performance was GREAT!  I was a little worried but when he got here, he blew me away.  He was great with the audience and they loved him. The  girls went crazy for him (literally) Yes he did arrive on time. He was great to work with, I will defiantly consider bringing him back. - Draco A. Miller, Director of Campus Life, Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, NM

Everything went very well with Steve. We had some venue conflicts arise due to weather but Steve was very flexible and the show went well. We had him perform in our student center food court and the response for students went well and the food services staff wants us to do it again (we never have programs there).  Thanks for checking in.  Peter Pereira, Assistant Director, Campus Activities and Student Organizations LBJ Student Center Texas State University - San Marcos, TX


The performance went great. The students had a great time and Steve was very personable. The programming board loved that he was so low maintenance and easy to work with.- Alicia Bates, Assistant Director of Campus Activities, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY

Steve might be one of our very favorites to work with. He was amazing - talented, friendly, very easy going. The students loved him!! We could easily bring him back year after year with no complaints. He showed up on time and even started a little earlier than planned since there was a crowd gathering. This was more than okay with me.  Thanks, Wally - always a pleasure! - Kendra Regehr, Director of Student Activities, University of Central Arkansas

It's Tasheenah from the programming board at Eastern Connecticut. Steve Means set a Coffeehouse record at our University. He had the highest attendance rate that our school has ever seen and it was an amazing show that the students really enjoyed. - Tasheenah Brown - Coffeehouse Chair - Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT

It went really well!! Steve was really great to work with, we didn't have a large turn out, but that mostly due to summer.  Everyone there thought Steve was amazing -myself included-, we are considering bringing him back when we will have a larger turn out -during the normal fall or spring semester-. I hope Steve wasn't disappointed in the turn out. You guys made this really really easy!! Thanks a million!!
 Josh Haynes,  Student Activities Board, North Georgia College and State University, Dahlonega, GA  

The event with Steve Means went really well, the audience response was very good, we love Steve because his music is refreshing as well as entertaining and it made the event run smoothly. 
Ben Mullins, Associate Director of Student Activities, Lindenwood University - Saint Charles, MO 

I think I speak for Erin and I both when I say everyone enjoyed his style. Steve Means was great. Very low maintenance setup wise and delivered an energetic, and slightly humorous - with a few jokes here and there, set/show. Students appreciated his covering of modern songs, and really tuned in to his own songs. It was a pleasure for Steve to visit our campus.  Keith Saboski, Student Activities Assistant - Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport, PA

Everything was cool – it wound up to be a pretty nice day so he played outside. I think he even sold a few cd’s. Hopefully he had a good time as well. - Patrick Wallace - Rutgers University - Camden, NJ

Steve was awesome! Super nice, super easy to work with, and great music! He was perfect for that setting, handled the people eating and chatting well and did a great job interacting with the audience. I was really pleased, but of course I expected nothing less from y'all! One of my students and I decided that all of your artists should live together in a 'real world' type house and have their own show! We will obviously visit and be featured on a very special episode... how fun would that be!?!? - Alexa Simeone - Asst. Director Student Activities - University of Scranton, Scranton, PA

Steve was GREAT!!! He was easy to work with and his music was fun. It was a great night.
David Travis, Director of Student Activities Marietta College - Marietta, OH

All went well with Steve Means !!!!! We received so much positive feedback about his performance. He was very friendly, and gave a great performance! The Ladies sure do love him! Thank you for suggesting him!
Arica Morgan, Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities, Thomas More College - Crestview Hills, KY

Steve was fantastic. He's the sort of artist that you start making plans to rebook before sound check is even over. The kids loved him too! Just as a smile to send along (I figure that Steve would especially appreciate this) but I just got a chance to read his review in our school newspaper. It was glowing all around, but my favorite line was “His cover of ‘Wonderwall’ sounded like a cross between Fergie and Jesus.” Not terrible company to keep.
Ashley Williams, Assistant Director of Student Activities , Washington and Jefferson College – Washington, PA

I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased that we were with Steve Means! He was phenomenal. This concert series has never been done before at our university, so we did not know what to expect. The students left not only pleased, but really excited about the talent that they had just been treated to. Steve spent probably 45 minutes after the event was over just shaking hands and taking pictures (one was posing as a flamingo to satisfy the sorority girls that were extremely excited to meet him). The professor that was staffing the event was initially skeptical about the event and us using the venue and the sound equipments ability to fill the space. By the end of the event he was talking about how amazing the sound equipment that Steve Means used was (he is going to look into purchasing the equipment for the venue), how cool the looping he does is, how much he enjoyed the concert etc.. The Professor actually approached me and asked if we could do another concert before the end of the year because he thought that the event was so well received by the students. I can not say enough good about Steve Means and I think that the most telling testament to the job that he did was, the students not only stayed around for about 45 minutes after the show to have their chance to meet him, but they also bought shirts, cd's, posters etc. A couple of students who did not have any money on them actually ran back to their rooms to get money so that they could buy a shirt and cd. AMAZING! Steve Means will without a doubt be invited back next year! Thank you for helping with the facilitation of this event and I know that we will be working together again soon! Thankfully, Eli Coronis, Vice President for Student Activities, Oklahoma City University , OK

Steve was great! He arrived right on time, set up, and rocked it out. We had a small group of students and they were very happy and loved his voice. We will definitely have him back! 
Angie Watts , Assistant Dean of Students , Tennessee Wesleyan College , Athens, TN 

The show went well. Steve was easy to work with and seemed comfortable on stage. I appreciate that he took the time to sign autographs and take pictures with our students. Also, the Bose sound system he uses is very clear and which adds quality to the show. 
Clint Havins, Coordinator of Student Activities, Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX 

The show turned out great. The students enjoyed the show and several of them stayed and talked to Steve for about an hour after the show was over. Several faculty and staff members commented that they enjoyed him also.
Lamar McWaine, Coordinator of Student Life , San Jacinto College North , Houston, TX

Steve’s concert was AMAZING yesterday! Our students, faculty, and staff really enjoyed the performance. Starbucks even donated free coffee for the event so we had a really good little crowd. I think it’s safe to say that he definitely has some fans at A&M-Texarkana! We would love to have him back! I have to tell you, our president even attended the show yesterday. As I had mentioned before, this is one of our first “contracted” student activities. He pulled me aside after Steve’s first song and told me that I needed to make this happen, and happen regularly. J He stayed for most of the show, bought both of Steve’s CD’s and then even had Steve up to his office afterward to sign them!
Celeste McNiel , Student Engagement and Activities Specialist , Texas A&M University - Texarkana, TX 

Steve Means was great. He was very easy to work with and very gracious to everyone. Just one thing of note - he was unaware that the contract called for a 90 minute set - he thought it was only for 60. When I mentioned it to him, he was more than happy to play the extra time. Anyway - we would love to have him back at some point. The students really loved him.
Kendra Regehr, Director of Student Activities, University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR

Steve really put on a great show. His music was right on, and the audience seemed to be interested in him. I'll recommend him to next year's event committee.
Ben Rouse, Student Senate Vice-President, Western Iowa Technical & Community College – Sioux City, IA

The show on Friday was fabulous! They loved him… he connects easily with them… he is funny and a pleasure to deal with!
Wendy Holt, Director of Student Activities, Newman University – Wichita, KS

The Steve Means show held on North Platte Community College was VERY enjoyable. The students seemed to enjoy the music and opportunity to attend this event. Many students were clapping, dancing and singing to the music.
Thank you very much for having him perform at our institution. 
Christine Zerbst, Director of Student Activities - North Platte Community College - North Platte, NE

Steve was fantastic! The students thought he was awesome to work with and was very talented. They loved his show, and I think he sold quite a bit of his merchandise as well. 
Karri Sanderson, Director of Student Activities, Nebraska Wesleyan University – Lincoln NE 

Steve did a great job yesterday...we enjoyed having him at ECC. We're also looking forward to the rest of the upcoming artists who'll be playing here. Thanx!
Brad Bruns, Student Activities Coordinator, East Central College – Union, MO

The Steve Means show went really well. We had the performance on South Campus in our residential complex, and we had about 50-ish people there the whole time. Other folks came and went throughout, and we did have a good number of folks hanging out on the balconies. J He did a really good job of mixing covers with original music, so the students seemed fairly engaged throughout. We really enjoyed having him here during Welcome Week.
Jessica Long, UPB Advisor, University of Missouri - St. Louis – Saint Louis, MO

Steve was great. Thanks for working with us to being him to Baker. We had a great audience and Steve's CDs were going like hotcakes.
Jonathon Pate, Residence Hall Coordinator, Baker College – Muskegon, MI

Just wanted to let you know that everyone really enjoyed Steve Means performance today!! He brought the perfect energy for the time, space and idea of Acoustic Cafe.
Bryn Keck, Lead Programmer, University of Ohio - Athens, OH

The show was excellent, Steve is a really great performer and wonderful to work with! As far as the show running, it ran pretty smoothly, great timing for the sound check and all. The audience that came (it unfortinately was a small turn out for this performance) really liked him, we even had a group of girls that drove down to Warrensburg from Kansas City after seening the event on facebook and finding out it was open to the public, and a few people even bought CDs! All in all, I personally was very happy with the show.
Bailey Waite, Music Chair, University of Central Missouri - Warrensburg, MO

Steve was a great musician. He was very easy to work with and the students loved him! He was a huge hit! The students bought quite a few of his CDs and they never do that so it must say something! It was a success!
Kimberly Thornton, Director of Student Activities , Louisiana State University – Shreveport, LA

Simply, Steve is wonderful – really! I’ve been working in Student Activities for over 10 years, and Steve is top-notch. He was so professional and responsive to the audience. Our students, staff, and faculty were all wowed by his talent and presence. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked when we’re bringing him back. Since this concert series is new for us, he really started it with a bang! 
Holly Williams, Student Activities Program Manager , Lone Star College- CyFair Cypress, TX

Steve Means was wonderful. The students loved him and really enjoyed his music. He was great to work with in every way.
Wendy Morgan Butts, Director Student Activities , Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi , TX

The show was amazing! The students loved his music… and not only is he talented musically, but he is also funny! He was a pleasure to work with… please let me know if he is in our area again in the future!
Wendy Holt, Director of Student Activities, Newman University – Wichita, KS

Steve was very polite, and easy to work with. The students really enjoyed the music. We served Taco in a bag for a $1 for the students and we did almost 250. So we had traffic going through the cafeteria. All was good.
Ross Weber, Student Senate Advisor, Minnesota State Community and Technical College - Wadena, MN

Steve was AMAZING!! The students absolutely loved him (girls more than boys, but I am sure you can understand why) He was very professional and courteous and did a great job. The crowd really enjoyed him. He hung out a little after the show to sign autographs, etc. All in all it was a fantastic show. - Amanda Horne , Coordinator of Student Activities Association , Stephen F. Austin State University , TX 

The show was great, Steve made a brief appearance at the Home Men’s Basketball Game before the show encouraging students to come out and we had about a 100 in attendance. Which is double what their student coffee nights bring in. Steve is so easy to work with and the crowd loved him! - Candida Rivera , Assistant Director of Campus Life , Mercer Univeristy, Macon, GA

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