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Noah Hoehn

Noah Hoehn is a fierce performer. His impassioned harmonica performances and sincere dedication to his craft gained him national acclaim as a winner of the prestigious McKnight Fellowship for Performing Musicians not once, but twice. Noah's energetic and distinctive playing has been heard in concert halls, festivals and on national radio programs. Now it is his solo show that is truly unequaled. His singular vision to unite the sounds of new blues and marimba pop is accomplished with an incomparable live looping system. Saucy harmonica and cool marimba are looped and layered upon a foundation of acoustic grooves freeing him to sing and play at the same time. Because he programmed the MIDI sequences for his looper, fusing technology with his songs, he is called "A modern day musical scientist."

Noah has been selected for the 2015 NACA South Showcase, first alternate.

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Stage Plot and Rider 3-7-16

Official Website

08/20/16 9:00pm Muncie, IN Ball State University
08/23/16 7:00pm Scranton, PA University of Scranton
08/24/16 6:00pm Reading, PA Alvernia University
08/25/16 8:00pm Columbus, OH Capital University
08/26/16 10:00pm Cincinnati, OH Xavier University
08/29/16 11:30am Cleveland, OH Cleveland State University
08/30/16 8:00pm Hiram, OH Hiram College
08/31/16 7:00pm Chicago, IL Illinois Institute of Technology
09/01/16 12:15pm New Albany, IN Indiana University Southeast
09/01/16 6:30pm Jasper, IN Vincennes University
09/03/16 10:00pm Glenside, PA Arcadia University
09/07/16 11:00am Mattoon, IL Lake Land College
09/17/16 11:00am Peoria, IL Bradley University - CB
09/21/16 12:00pm Quincy, IL Quincy University
09/24/16 7:00pm Charleston, IL Eastern Illinois University - SD
10/05/16 11:00am Fargo, ND North Dakota State University
10/28/16 7:00pm Wichita, KS Wichita State University (hold) - SD
11/17/16 6:00pm Clarksville, TN Austin Peay State University
12/01/16 8:00pm Manchester, NH Southern New Hampshire University
12/03/16 7:00pm New London, NH Colby-Sawyer College
12/06/16 7:00pm Newton, MA Mount Ida College
12/08/16 7:00pm Titusville, PA University of Pittsburgh at Titusville
03/07/17 7:00pm Saint Louis, MO Maryville University (hold) - SD

"Everything went well with Noah for our Spring Festival April 11th.  He was a hit and everyone loved him including myself. He is very talented and it was truly one of the most unique performances I've seen. We'd like to thank him for coming."  - Natalie Sarracino, Director, Student Programming Council – MMC, Florida International University, Miami, FL

The Loops in Your Life - In this interactive workshop Noah makes the connection between the growing performance medium of live-looping and our everyday lives.

Topics include:

Looping. You! Noah gives volunteers the opportunity to loop on stage.

The Groove of Modern Life: Loops permeate our music and our lives.

Looping and Song Form: What is possible for the one-man-band?

MIDI = Flexibility: The power of programming.

Beginning Harmonica Workshop! - In this fun and informative workshop everyone will learn how to get started playing this portable and popular instrument. Noah will teach you what you need to get started and have you playing simple songs when you're done. He will have information and resources for those who want to take the next step because everyone gets to keep their harmonica!

*Note: There is an extra fee to cover the cost of the harmonicas

Good Art Loves Good Business - Meant to inspire and motivate future artists and entrepreneurs, Noah discusses strategies for maintaining a full-time career as an artist. Topics include "Blue Ocean Strategy", grant writing, and multiple streams of income.

The Influence of Blues - An engaging look at an All-American medium that is vibrant and flourishing. Noah talks about how he fell in love with the Blues and shows that we all know and love this music in some form or another.

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