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Ernesto Lago
ERNESTO LAGO is a versatile performer with a remarkable ear for creating eclectic music that blends Latin rhythms with the fresh sounds of electronic music. He’s currently mixing electric violin with tropical “chillout” music, he has found inspiration in new trends like House, Pop and EDM. Needless to say, it has been a wild ride to get to this point and Ernesto is so honored and humbled to have worked with so many wonderful and talented individuals along the way. He genuinely love what he does. He continues to push himself to improve and grow each day and looks forward to each new project. He’s native of Havana, Cuba and first picked up the violin bow at the tender age of seven and graduating from the Music Conservatory before leaving Cuba. He recently relocated to Nashville to expand horizons as a professional violinist, performing chillout, lounge and chill wave in the Music City.  

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