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GRACIE YATES - Fans say live performances are what set Gracie apart. Genre- bending original music and versatile covers in her own dynamic style engage and entertain. As a lifelong poet and old soul she brings to the stage a powerful vulnerability that moves the listener to want more.
Gracie, a singer-songwriter from the heartland of Kentucky, began her musical career early.  By 16 she was a sought after entertainer.   She seeks to captivate listeners with heartfelt lyrics that pierce the soul. Fans leave enchanted.   She is often compared to Jewel, but what Gracie loves best is when the audience connects to her lyrics.  Gracie released her first single “Boys Like You” and has since been featured on CMT, DirecTV, Country Fix and other major networks.  She is receiving regular radio airplay on contemporary as well as country stations world- wide.  

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02/11/22 7:00pm Lebanon, TN
02/17/22 5:00pm Elizabethtown, KY
02/26/22 7:00pm Shelbyville, KY
03/01/22 1:00pm University of South Carolina - Columbia, SC
03/12/22 4:00pm Elizabethtown, KY
03/24/22 5:00pm Elizabethtown, KY
05/06/22 7:00pm Shelbyville, KY
05/14/22 4:00pm Navarre Beach, FL
05/21/22 3:00pm Elizabethtown, KY
06/17/22 8:00pm Shelbyville, KY
07/23/22 8:00pm Lexington, KY
10/02/22 4:00pm Navarre Beach, FL

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